FFXIV Recipes and Ingredient Prices on the Market Board.

Click on whatever row you want recipe information on.

To accurately calculate profit and show prices to craft, the items must be scanned on the marketboard while using the MarketSense app.

To calculate profit I use the current lowest price in the market board. If there are none, I use the last sale price on history.
How I recommend you use this: 1.Select your crafting class recipe page 2. With the app running and connected, look for the ingredients and crafted item on ffxivmb marketboard if the data is not there.
3. Open a tab for every item that doesn't have a profit calculation. 4. Reload recipe page 5. Craft the profitable ones. 6.???? 7. Profit.

Select your server. Select the Job. Select Level
Disable Inventory Integration
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Level 70 recipes